Herve Lacorne

Herve Lacorne
Herve Lacorne

Herve Lacorne is a seasoned senior management professional with over 25 years of global financial services experience, specializing in various aspects of corporate and entrepreneurial management. He is a serial entrepreneur in the fields of biotech, Regtech, and FinTech, with a keen interest in influencing compliance with privacy regulations in the financial sector.

With a strong track record of creating business models utilizing blockchain and digital identity, Herve has demonstrated his expertise in implementing strategic initiatives and consistently executing tasks to drive business success. His leadership skills and ability to build relationships across all levels of an organization have been instrumental in his career.

Herve has an impressive speaking portfolio, having delivered lectures and presentations on financial services and technology at prestigious events and institutions worldwide. Some notable speaking engagements include panels at the IFIAC Annual Conference, presentations at the IFSA annual trade conference, and appearances as a delegate and speaker for the U.S. at the APEC Trade Ministers’ Roundtables on Electronic Commerce in Malaysia.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Herve has shared his knowledge by lecturing on various topics such as Treasury Risk Management at institutions like the California Institute of International Business and Economics, CSU Northridge, CSU Dominguez Hills, and UCLA. He has also spoken at events hosted by organizations like the World Trade Center Association, the French American Chamber of Commerce, and the Entrepreneur’s conference of the Harvard Business School Association.

Herve’s areas of expertise include global payments, foreign exchange, trade finance, and technology. His ability to identify high ROI efficiency improvement opportunities and evaluate risk controls has set him apart in the industry. Overall, Herve Lacorne is a dynamic professional known for his strategic thinking, tactical implementation, and consistent execution in the financial services sector.

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