Inspiring Finance quotes for you to start your day!

By admin At 12/14/2018

We all need a motivation to keep doing what we’re doing, to get that little boost to start our day, our work […]

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FiNext Tech Awards & Conference: a successful Inaugural Event in Las Vegas

By admin At 11/02/2018

The first FiNext Tech Awards & Conference were held on the 25th & 26th of October at Ballys in Las Vegas, Nevada. […]

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Cryptocurrency – The Future!

By Sanjana Yadav At 07/09/2018

Just like digital currency have been making strides after demonetization, much to the fancy of the financial world, a new concept of […]

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Blockchain – Fundamentals and trends!

By Sanjana Yadav At 07/03/2018

Surely if you’ve come afar to read this article, then perhaps you might have heard about these more than 100 times! Perhaps, […]

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Entrepreneurship in FinTech

By Sanjana Yadav At 06/04/2018

FinTech is described as the amalgamation of technology and innovation to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services […]

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Cloud – The Key Foundation for Speed and Efficiency

By Sanjana Yadav At 06/01/2018

How many times have you been encountered with the word ‘cloud’? How many times has that fluffy bubbled kindergarten sketch of cloud […]

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Future of Payments

By Sanjana Yadav At 05/28/2018

They say Evolution is the only constant. Recent years have seen such drastic changes with everything a human uses and might need. […]

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