We are committed to build a global community of individuals and companies who are operating in the financial space and enthusiastic about the whole new world of positive changes that technology is bringing in to this industry.

We are trying to get all the pillars of the finance and technology industry under one roof for them learn from the mentors, showcase their product/services to their peers and celebrate each others success and innovations through FiNext Awards.

We have these events coming up in the year 2020 to build our global community bigger and to facilitate alliances within this community.


If you’re a startup, working on the latest and greatest solution in the finance space. This event will provide you the right platform to show off your solution and your team’s talent to the world!

We provide the best platform for investors to meet the creators of latest innovations in Finance space, hear out their solutions at length in investor specific sessions, while also allowing you to network with industry leaders.

Calling on all financial professionals to attend this two-day conference to examine emerging opportunities and innovative solutions for the banking industry. It is your opportunity to get your hands on the latest products and technology that are revolutionizing the future of banking.

The conference is the pivotal intersection between end users, operations, marketing, finance and technology where we will discuss and answer all of your questions. Come and discuss the ways of deploying Blockchain technologies across the finance industry.

As FinTech companies pave their way up the value chain, new technologies emerge that revolutionize how the worlds banks, enable their enormous customer base to invest, pay bills and do business. We give them a platform to interact with the industry experts along with the much-needed exposure through our media partners.

Not just the Finance industry but the vendors in this space called Platform Service Providers have emerged in parallel and they need equal acknowledgment as any other entity in this industry. If you are a Financial services company or providing services to Finance firms, this is the place to be.

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