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    >Chris McLoghlin


    Chris McLoghlin

    Panel Discussion: AI, ML, Blockchain in Finance Date: 26th April, Friday at 11:50 AM Chris is the founder of Australia’s largest Organic mushroom farming company, founding and consulting roles in several successful start-ups, supply chain planning and management, fresh produce and grocery procurement, crypto economics and distributed ledger technology, primary production and supply chain automation design. Chris has also been involved in the Australian crypto community since 2012 and has a keen interest in blockchain and distributed ledger technology and it’s an application for use as money and other database functions, particularly in the context of food and farming. Director and Treasurer of Organic Industries Australia, Chris has been the winner of several awards such as the 2018 Australian Organic Farmer of the Year, 2018 AusVeg/PMA Young Grower of the Year as well as the 2018 ABC Rural/Kondinin Group Young Farmer of the Year and recipient of Award for Excellence In Technology

    About escaVox

    escaVox provides a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain tracking service, including hardware and software to allow all participants in the chain to achieve a live farm-to store perspective on where goods are, and what conditions they are exposed to.
    This data is aggregated on to our Distributed Ledger platform for analysis and consolidation with other data streams, from behind the farm gate – to retail consumer insights. The Distributed Ledger platform allows the originator of the data to maintain ownership and control of their data, and to trade and monetize this data if they so choose. The platform also allows for efficient sharing of relevant data with accreditation, quality and certification systems providers to streamline reporting requirements. We are working with major national supermarket chains and telco providers to offer this as the best practice solution with the latest hardware, Distributed Ledger software and IoT network technology.


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