Joe Flaten

Joe Flaten is the COO and a founding member of tech sales-as-service consultancy Konsyg. He has spearheaded and launched over 30 international sales and business development campaigns globally.

With 20 years of sales experience in APAC and the USA, Joe brings real-world knowledge and practical know-how to the buzzword-laden and ethereal world of tech sales.

Through consulting, defining strategies and sales processes for Fintech companies around the world, Joe has gained invaluable insight and perspective on granular line-by-line data points right through to macro world-wide trends for his clients.

About Konsyg:

Konsyg is a global provider of on-demand sales services for technologies. Ideal for organizations looking to boost conversions for underperforming products or companies looking to build sales teams, Konsyg allows leaders to focus on the core business while acting on the behalf of the client. We maximize ROI, engage new markets and create footholds for long-term multi-regional success.

With a fully trained team ready to launch a four-quarter plan to overhaul an existing sales strategy or build a new one from the ground up, Konsyg aims to take the guesswork out of one of the most difficult aspects of a new business: hiring a sales staff and implementing a sound strategy to earn revenue and attract investors.

Always striving to meet and surpass the expectation of its clients, Konsyg is committed to earn the continued trust of its clients through honesty, integrity and the skills necessary to bridge the gap between the modern workplace and companies who still play by old-school rules.

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