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    >David Logan


    David Logan

    David Logan co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer along with Jeffrey Ciarcia co-founder and Chief Financial Officer and their amazing team from SumatoSoft have built an award-winning innovative FinTech platform: a Startup Studio in the Cloud.


    Umergence is a platform that provides startups with resources similar to how physical startup accelerators operate but in a scalable online platform.  Allowing entrepreneurs to validate their business plans through Crowd-Sourced Intelligence.  Providing crucial information to the startups including but not limited to “Does this solve a problem for me?”  “I would buy this solution at this price point… I am this demographic in this market.”  Once the plan is validated through the community, the startups build a crowd-funding campaign to raise capital.  The startups can raise capital through non-securities campaigns like Donations or Rewards campaigns alternately they can opt to issue securities in exchange for investment.  Umergence is a registered broker/dealer member FINRA/SPIC leveraging Reg D private placement offerings, Reg CF & Reg A+ public offerings.

    Umergence provides a great solution for existing startup accelerators to white-label the Umergence platform to help incubate their startups until they are ready to move into the physical accelerator where space is limited.  Click here for a pictorial of the full Umergence ecosystem.  Click here for the Umergence explainer video.

    A special thanks go to his Babcia and Dziadziu who provided him support and encouragement to help others fulfill their American Dream of building their own businesses.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022