Wesley Wilson

Wesley Wilson
Wesley Wilson

Wesley Wilson is an experienced investor and innovation leader based in the New York City Metropolitan Area. With a background in building user-centric brands, products, and services, Wesley’s work is driven by scientific and technical expertise. Currently, he serves as the Advisor at Cornucopian Capital, where he manages a $25MM early-stage investment fund focusing on brands powered by life sciences and preventative health technologies.

Wesley’s passion for innovation is evident through his various roles and accomplishments. He has chaired and led multiple initiatives at the University of California, Davis, such as the Innovation Institute for Food and Health and the AI Institute for Food Systems. His leadership in these projects demonstrates his commitment to using technology and research to drive positive change in the food and health industries.

In addition to his work in academia, Wesley is also the Chairman at Barnstorm Foundry, a venture studio dedicated to launching new businesses that promote health benefits through food, ingredients, and consumer health products. His expertise in structuring partnerships and executing investments has been instrumental in the success of the studio.

As the Managing Partner at Valorum Ventures, Wesley plays a key role in providing investment, innovation, and impact advisory services. His experience as the Industry Head for Consumer Goods – Agriculture, Food, and Beverage at the World Economic Forum showcases his ability to lead science-driven collaborations that drive consumer engagement and business success.

With a track record of strategic leadership and a focus on leveraging technology for social good, Wesley Wilson is a respected figure in the world of innovation and investment.

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