Vi Powils

Vi Powils
Vi Powils

Vi Powils is a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience and expertise across various domains. Holding four degrees, she has demonstrated her commitment to continuous learning and academic achievement. Her pronouns are she/her, emphasizing her identity and values.

With a background in Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, and AI fundraising, Vi has made significant contributions to the intersection of technology and finance. Her role as Investor Relations Director showcases her ability to navigate the complexities of the financial world while fostering valuable relationships within the industry.

Recognized as a ‘Leaders in Finance’ Awardee, Vi’s accomplishments speak to her leadership and excellence in her field. As a Crypto Native Investor since 2012, she brings a deep understanding of the digital asset landscape and its evolution over the years.

Additionally, Vi’s experience as a 4-time startup co-founder and former Hedge Fund Analyst underscores her entrepreneurial spirit and analytical prowess. Her educational background includes a connection to Harvard University, highlighting her pursuit of academic excellence.

Based in the vibrant New York City Metropolitan Area, Vi is an individual with a diverse network, boasting over 4,478 followers and 500+ connections on her professional platform. Through her bio, Vi exemplifies a multidimensional professional with a passion for innovation, finance, and technology.

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