Victoria Bogner

Excellence in Finance Technology Award Winner – Victoria Bogner, CEO, McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners




About McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners:


McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners has been in business since 1981. Their advisors have over 125 years of experience combined. McDaniel Knutson is a full-service financial planning organization. They focus their commitment on being a partner and advocate for every client.

► Their Purpose: To use their knowledge, skills & resources to increase clients’ capacity to live & to give.

► Who They Are: When you hire McDaniel Knutson, you’re getting a partner and advocate in your financial affairs, not just your financial advisor.

►Who They Serve:

♦ University professors, presidents, chancellors, and administrators

♦ Individuals and families who want to protect their assets and focus on reaching their most important goals

♦ People who want to make a difference, have a focus on philanthropy and want to give back to important concerns

♦ Small business owners seeking to establish financial security for themselves and employees

►Philanthropic Vision – Partnering with Clients: Their vision is to inspire philanthropy and we want to help increase their clients’ capacity to live and to give. We’ll show you how you can leave an extraordinary legacy – for your loved ones and for the causes that matter to you.

►Their University of Kansas Connection: Since 1981, McDaniel Knutson has worked with KU faculty and staff on their retirement plans. Whatever stage of life you’re in, we can help you with your retirement-planning questions.


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