Heather Wagy

Excellence in Finance Award Winner – Heather Wagy, COO, Siskiyou Central Credit Union

About Siskiyou Central Credit Union

Their main goal for the year 2018 was to build loan portfolio; the quickest route we saw for this was to work on our auto loans. We have been associated with CUDL for some time but really only had a handful or so a month come through. Our local dealership went through an ownership change and we looked at this a prime opportunity. We had a relationship with the previous owner but struggled with the dealership to create the partnership we desired. The new owners, Yreka Motors were very excited to create a local partnership with a credit union. In the beginning of our partnership we were at 42% loan to shares and in 8 short months we have grown to 69% loan to shares with 80% of our lending portfolio coming from our local dealership.

Website: http://www.siskiyoucu.org

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