Slava Demchuk

Slava Demchuk, CEO ,AMLBot
Slava Demchuk, CEO ,AMLBot

Slava Demchuk is the CEO of AMLBot, Safe3, and PureFi. He is a certified AML specialist in the field of cryptocurrencies and a UNODC consultant. With an educational background in Information Networks Security, Slava is an expert in cryptocurrency regulation and AML compliance.

As the founder of AMLBot, he provides a service that checks cryptocurrencies for connections with illegal activities, serving numerous institutional clients and international banks globally. Moreover, Slava is a member of Foresight Virtual Assets 2030.

He is actively involved in the industry as a visionary and crypto AML compliance specialist, contributing his expertise to make the crypto space more secure and compliant with regulations. His role in various organizations and his extensive experience in the field demonstrate his commitment to advancing the intersection of technology, finance, and security.

With over 6,700 followers and 500+ connections, Slava’s impact and influence in the industry are evident, positioning him as a key player in the realm of cryptocurrency and AML compliance.

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