Shivansh Rachit

Shivansh Rachit
Shivansh Rachit

A visionary pioneer and disruptor in the financial realm, Shivansh Rachit stands as a
dynamic force at the helm of Hedge & Sachs, the eminent asset management firm based in
Dubai, UAE, with a registered office in London, UK. With an illustrious track record of over
eight years in the asset management sector, Shivansh brings unparalleled expertise and
leadership to the organization.

As the Founder, Group President, and Executive Chairman, he embodies the spirit of
innovation and excellence, driving transformative change within Hedge & Sachs. With a
keen eye for financial strategy, he masterfully oversees and supervises all financial
operations, ranging from accounting and financial reporting to tax, business control, and
treasury activities. His adeptness in delivering comprehensive financial statements and
reporting structures has elevated Hedge & Sachs to new heights of efficiency and

Beyond his pivotal role at Hedge & Sachs, Shivansh has made waves across diverse
verticals. As the visionary founder of Dubai-based real-estate company Foremen Fiefdom,
he espouses a commitment to sustainable practices and ethical governance, ensuring robust
financial management policies for a secure future.
Holding a prestigious M.Sc. from TISS, Mumbai, Shivansh possesses a thirst for knowledge
that extends beyond his field. He delights in immersing himself in a vast array of literature
and articles, constantly expanding his horizons. Outside the boardroom, Shivansh finds joy
in playing squash and passionately mentoring the leaders of tomorrow.

With his remarkable insights and expert opinions, Shivansh has earned recognition in
leading English dailies in the UAE, including Khaleej Times and Gulf News. He has also
graced the airwaves, featuring on the acclaimed TalkFM 100.3 show ‘Mama Mia’ with Muriel
D’souza,’ where he discussed Invest’HER,’ Hedge & Sachs’ revolutionary financial service
tailored for female investors worldwide. His profound interview was also showcased on
Dubai Eye’s esteemed show ‘Afternoons with Helen Farmer,’ cementing his status as an
influential thought leader in the financial landscape.

At Hedge & Sachs, Shivansh Rachit embodies a vision of financial prowess and
transformative leadership, propelling the firm to the forefront of the industry and crafting a
legacy of excellence.

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