Rowdy Bijland

Rowdy Bijland - Digital Business Partner _ Trusted Advisor _ Coach _ Keynote Speaker _ Author
Rowdy Bijland

Rowdy Bijland, a strategic and creative thinker, is set to bring his wealth of experience
in digital business strategy, innovation, and transformation to the forefront at the
upcoming FiNext Conference. Privileged through his work to support leaders, teams,
and organizations with digital business strategy development and execution, Rowdy
will share insights into the ever-evolving landscape of digital business development.

Rowdy Bijland acts as a digital business partner, supporting leaders, teams and
organizations toward digital business strategy, innovation, and transformation. His
mission is rooted in the commitment to maximizing potential and contributing to the
creation of sustainable value and meaningful impact.

Recently, Rowdy released his first publication, titled “Digital Disruption: A Leader’s
Guide for Business Development in the Digital Age.” This publication serves as a guide
for leaders navigating the complexities of the digital age, offering insights into business
development strategies in a rapidly changing landscape. The publication is available at

Furthermore, Rowdy is recognized for his captivating keynote presentations on digital
business development for various companies and organizations. His ability to articulate
and demystify digital strategies makes him a sought-after speaker, contributing to the
understanding of digital transformation for audiences across industries.

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