Satyam kumar

Satyam Kumar - CEO & Co-Founder, LoanTap
Satyam kumar

In the ever-evolving landscape of WealthTech, Satyam Kumar emerges as a visionary leader, bringing over 19 years of enriched experience in the banking industry to the
forefront. As the driving force behind Business, Liabilities, and Relationship initiatives at LoanTap, Satyam has not only navigated the complexities of the financial sector but has also steered a highly talented team towards common objectives.

Before founding LoanTap, Satyam held the position of National Head – Mortgages at IndusInd Bank, leaving an indelible mark with his constant drive and exceptional team management skills. Under his leadership, the LAP loan book exceeded Rs. 5,000 crores in his last assignment, showcasing his prowess in the banking and financial domain.

Satyam’s journey in the industry includes pivotal roles at ICICI Bank, where he contributed significantly to Product, Business, and Credit functions. As the Regional Head – Mortgage in ICICI Bank, he played a key role in launching the Sanction Guarantee Scheme—an innovative initiative that set a benchmark for service differentiation in the Indian lending ecosystem. The scheme, initially experimented with Corporate Channel Customers in Pune, has since been embraced nationwide and acknowledged by competitors as a pioneering move.

The early chapters of Satyam’s career unfolded at ICI India Ltd, and he also gained valuable experience during a brief stint with Deutsche PostBank Home Finance. His diverse experience across various sectors within the financial landscape positions him as a versatile and
well-rounded professional.

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Satyam extends his guidance to the non-profit sector, where he oversees Purn-Kuti, an NGO focused on establishing e-schools and supporting women’s livelihood initiatives in rural areas. This dual commitment reflects his dedication not only to corporate excellence but also to creating positive social impact.

Away from the boardroom, Satyam is a connoisseur of adventure sports, having successfully completed certification courses in paragliding, rafting, and skiing. This multifaceted approach to life mirrors his dynamic leadership style, where a blend of innovation, resilience, and a commitment to social responsibility defines his professional and personal journey.

As Satyam Kumar takes the stage at the upcoming Finext conference as a distinguished speaker on the panel discussing “Innovation in WealthTech,” attendees can anticipate gaining invaluable insights from a leader who has not only witnessed the evolution of the financial industry but has actively shaped its trajectory. Satyam’s wealth of experience and
forward-thinking approach are sure to illuminate the path forward for WealthTech innovation.

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