Nicholas Zeman

Nicholas Zeman
Nicholas Zeman

In the dynamic realm of financial technology, Nicholas Zeman stands as a seasoned
innovator with 25 years of experience in cutting-edge technology solutions. With the last
seven years devoted to blockchain and cryptographically verifiable credentials, Zeman
has emerged as a leading expert in the field. His journey began as a blockchain
engineer at the groundbreaking startup, Evernym, a global trailblazer in Verifiable
Credentials and Decentralized Identity.

At Evernym, Zeman played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Verifiable
Credentials and Decentralized Identity, contributing to the Hyperledger project. This
technology remains a cornerstone of open-source advancements in credentials and
identity verification. Following Evernym’s acquisition by GenDigital in 2022, Zeman
transitioned to Zions Bancorporation, bringing his expertise to the forefront of the
financial industry.

As a Solutions Architect at Zions Bancorporation, Zeman has been instrumental in
propelling the evolution of financial technology, specifically in Coreless API Banking and
Blockchain-based banking. His focus on anticipating the transformative impact of
Central Bank Digital Currency and tokenized money underscores his commitment to
staying ahead of industry trends.

Zeman’s proficiency extends to various facets of blockchain and crypto-based
technology, including coreless banking financial API protocols, Smart Contract
architecture, and Enterprise Payment systems. These elements are integral to the
future establishment of a digital currency layer atop existing banking infrastructure.
This year, Nicholas Zeman is set to share his wealth of knowledge as a featured
speaker at the upcoming Finext conference. The topic of his presentation, “Coreless
Banking: How Small Banks Can Make A Big Impact With Financial Blockchains,”
promises to unravel the potential for small banks to wield significant influence in the
financial sector.

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