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    Rakesh Bhatia

    Rakesh is an experienced banker with over 26 years of experience with HSBC – across Asia, UK and the Middle East, followed by a stint as the CEO of an independent Private Bank in India. Having done a variety of global, regional and country roles, his knowledge of the financial services industry ranges from Commercial & Corporate Banking, Trade & Receivables Finance, Investment banking and FinTech in recent years. With his background as an International Manager at one of the most global organizations in the world, he has understood and assimilated different cultures.For the past three years, Rakesh has traveled extensively across Silicon Valley, New York, London, Hong Kong, Barcelona, etc to interact, learn and gain insights into the trends and growth of FinTech, on its new business models, delivery modes, analytics, data usage, and customer engagement merger and evolution. As a traditional banker, he is aware of the magnitude of disruption caused by new technologies, and understand the significance of a merger between traditional and new businesses to build a powerful hybrid of a future financial company.

    Rakesh’s current focus is to help companies – young and established to navigate, bridge and emerge in the new world of Financial Technology.

    He is a co-founder of a startup Hektor SG, a Singapore based financial intelligence app aimed at millennials to empower them with financial liberty to achieve their goals. Hektor SG has also recently clinched the first prize for Best Startup International at Geneva WealthTech Forum 2017. Rakesh also holds C-level executive positions at B2B & B2B2C FinTech companies across SME Online Lending, Insurtech, SME Global Platform and a Co-working cum incubator in India.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022