Paolo Barbesino

Paolo Barbesino
Paolo Barbesino

Paolo Barbesino holds a PhD and is a Digital Transformation Leader specializing in sustainable innovation and serves as a Board Advisor. With over 20 years of experience, he has played pivotal roles at Emirates NBD, UniCredit Group, and currently at Supernovae Labs in Dubai, UAE. His expertise lies in driving digital transformation in retail banking and wealth management with a focus on sustainability. At Supernovae Labs, he is pioneering a Green practice centered on “sustainable experiences” to create environmentally responsible and profitable business models.

Aside from his professional endeavors, Paolo is actively involved in teaching executive MBA students, sharing knowledge on digital innovation and sustainability. His background includes advisory roles with Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists, complemented by his academic accomplishments.

Paolo Barbesino excels in various domains including Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence, Global Team Leadership, Sustainability, Climate Action, and Stakeholder Engagement. He has a proven track record of leading organizational changes through digital innovation, ensuring operational efficiency, enhancing customer engagement, and fostering a culture of high performance and collaboration within international teams.

Passionate about innovation and sustainable business practices, Paolo actively seeks opportunities to engage in conversations that drive meaningful change. Through his expertise and experience, he endeavors to integrate sustainability into business practices and form strong partnerships that contribute to global climate action.

About Supernovae Labs

Supernovae Labs is a consulting boutique, based in Milan, specializing in supporting the innovation of financial institutions by leveraging the opportunities offered by open finance and fintech. Guided by an Open Innovation approach, it offers an integrated range of services and operates as a bridge between fintech/insurtech and financial and insurance institutions.

Thanks to its team of senior managers from some of the most innovative retail and private banks in Italy and abroad, Supernovae Labs is able to support banks and insurance companies to achieve their business innovation goals, through a truly personalized consultancy, based on the understanding of the client’s innovability potential.

With its independent ecosystem of more than 50 companies, the boutique has a portfolio of solutions spanning all major areas of fintech, regtech and insurtech and offers qualified access to more than 1,000 Italian decision-makers in the banking and insurance industries.

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