Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy

Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy
Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy

Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in Blockchain, Project Management, NGO’s, Innovation, and Information Technology across various government sectors. With a background in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Technology Management & Innovation, Dr. Zayed has a strong foundation in technology and innovation.

His expertise lies in automating services through digital and blockchain networks, contributing to the advancement of these emerging technologies. Dr. Zayed is passionate about government innovation in Blockchain and digital transformation, utilizing his knowledge to drive progress in these areas.

As a Blockchain and Crypto Advisor, Dr. Zayed serves as a valuable resource for start-up founders and entrepreneurs, offering advice, mentoring, and networking connections to support their projects. He is also a sought-after speaker at events, sharing his insights and expertise with audiences interested in Blockchain, Start-ups, and Technology.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dr. Zayed is well-connected in the industry with over 500 connections and nearly 5,000 followers on social media. His diverse skill set includes expertise in AI, Marketing, Social Media, Start-ups, Blockchain, Human Resources, and the Metaverse, making him a versatile professional in the technology sector.

With a track record of success in aiding organizations to embrace digital transformation and innovation, Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy continues to make significant contributions to the field of technology, shaping the future of Blockchain and beyond.


Dr. Zayed has successfully assisted to automate many services to digital and on blockchain networks. Moreover has research interests in: Government innovation in Blockchain & digital transformation. Moreover, he provides advice, mentoring, as well as networking connections to start-up founders and entrepreneurs.
He’s Computer Engineering, However received his PhD in Technology Management & Innovation.

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