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    Mike Robertson

    Mike Robertson is passionate about providing the resources to build meaningful teams, organizations, and products that “wow” customers. Mike thrives by working with others to solve complex problems — whether they are a market, social, or competitive problems. He is eager to work collaboratively toward challenging, new goals. Mike founded SageLink with the sole objective of partnering with founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to grow their software and service businesses through purposeful investments. Most recently he provided investment to ATS SaaS leader, Top Echelon and is currently serving on its board. After working as the CEO of EfficientHire and steering investments with dozens of growing technology companies as an investor and adviser with Accel-KKR, Piper Jaffray, and Lehman Brothers, Mike knows what truly drives value creation, durability, and company legacy—and it’s not branded capital or spreadsheet financial engineering. It’s product-market fit and how well a company delivers and multiplies value for all its stakeholders– customers, partners, vendors, employees, and shareholders – with a particular emphasis on customers. 


    Mike comes from a working-class background where he learned the value of hard work and integrity. Professionally he has sought to challenge, merit-based work including Chief Executive leadership, entrepreneurship, private equity, and investment banking. Mike is a veteran of the HR/recruiting/ATS/onboarding SaaS industry. He serves on the board and spearheads all add- on acquisition activities for ATS SaaS leader, Top Echelon. He served as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of HR SaaS leader, EfficientHire. He also led the successful investment in the international HR SaaS innovator, PageUp. What’s more, Mike has been an investor in other HR leaders including Infinisource (benefits administration SaaS), iSolved (talent management SaaS), Cielo (recruitment process outsourcing), and YourEncore (recruitment expert network).

    Mike received an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He also earned a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Utah and Bachelor of Science in Finance from Brigham Young University, where he was the program’s top graduate. Mike finds his most enduring fulfillment from his family, where he and his wife, Candace, are raising two active little boys and one endearing little girl.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022