Ludwig Schroedl

Ludwig Schroedl

Ludwig Schroedl, the visionary entrepreneur behind Nealthy, is set to take the stage at the highly anticipated FiNext Conference, where he will share insights into the intersection of asset management and technological innovation.

With a distinguished track record of bootstrapping enterprises to seven-figure annual revenues and orchestrating lucrative acquisitions, Ludwig Schroedl stands as a powerhouse in the entrepreneurial landscape. Leveraging his comprehensive skill set, he has positioned Nealthy as a formidable disruptor in the fintech arena, bridging the realms of asset management and technological innovation.

Beyond his entrepreneurial triumphs, Ludwig spearheads LS&C, his own family office specializing in digital assets and real estate, boasting an impressive eight figures in assets under management (AUM). Presently, Ludwig is at the helm of Nealthy, navigating the intricate VARA regulatory framework in Dubai with the aim of establishing it as a preeminent, compliant asset management platform.

His adept leadership has garnered attention from Deutschmann Holding, a Private Equity Company, which acquired Nealthy in 2020. Driven by an insatiable thirst for innovation, Ludwig founded INAI, another SaaS venture. Within just two years, INAI achieved a seven-figure ARR, leading to its confidential acquisition by the esteemed Private Equity Firm o-group in January 2024.

Ludwig Schroedl is a seasoned entrepreneur known for his remarkable achievements in both the SaaS and asset management spheres. Prior to Nealthy, Ludwig left an indelible mark as the founder of Ado, a SaaS company that soared to a seven-figure ARR within a mere three years, all through bootstrapping.

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