Dr. Vince Tallent

Dr. Vince Tallent

Dr. Vince Tallent, Founder & Chairman of Tallent Technology Advisory Services, is set to participate in the prestigious FiNext Conference, adding his extensive expertise to the lineup of distinguished speakers. With a remarkable career spanning decades in the FinTech & TMT industries, Dr. Tallent brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the conference.

Key Highlights of Dr. Vince Tallent’s Career:
Honorary Doctorate from Kingston University London: Dr. Tallent has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to business, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy with an Honorary Doctorate from Kingston University London.

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants: With a strong educational background, Dr. Tallent holds an MBA in Advanced Finance & Corporate Strategy from Kingston University London, as well as a BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance.

Extensive Experience in FinTech & TMT Industries: Dr. Tallent has spent numerous years within the FinTech & TMT industries, working with highly energized and focused investment teams, senior management teams, and boards of directors. His expertise lies in creating and delivering value to shareholders through multiple exits.

Leadership Roles and Investment Committee Memberships: Dr. Tallent has held various leadership roles, including Investment Committee Member, Chairman, CEO, and CFO, working with both public and private company boards and their shareholders. He has collaborated with renowned investors such as Warburg Pincus, Apis, Axa, Mayfield, 3i, DFJ, and Draper Atlantic.

International Business Growth: Dr. Tallent’s focus has been on growing international businesses offering innovative financial services, digital banks, mobile applications, and alternative payment methods. He has worked extensively in developed markets such as the US, UK, and Europe, as well as emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, India, and China.

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