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    >Enrique de la Parra de Tavira


    Enrique de la Parra de Tavira

    Enrique was born on the first of February of 1986 in Mexico City, where he has lived most of his life. At an early age, he showed interests in arts, music, and spirituality. He got a degree in Business Management at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Superior Studies). His career start was a curious hybrid between the arts & the business worlds. He had a music band with two albums released for the Latin American market, with the last one published by a major record label (Sony Music) while at the same time, finishing his career and getting his first job at a small multifunctional printing leasing company as a sales director. 


    Three years later, he founded his first company; a very small computer leasing company with one partner and almost no budget. They succeeded to grow this company though credit card debt for starters, then through capital injections by new partners, then by supplier credit, until they were finally eligible for banking loans. In 2018 one of the new partners decided to take over the business and bought out Enrique and Marcos at a substantial gain. Enrique also founded a company focused on selling mobile technology, collectibles, and toys in-retailer and convenience stores in Mexico which continues to exist. He has been involved in various projects including government contracts, construction contracts, retail, advertisement, and other sectors. His last job was as a sales director in the biggest multifunctional printing leasing company in Mexico. After 11 years in the leasing industry, he now directs sales at Aro Arrendadora, a leasing company based in Mexico City with clients all over the country. It is owned by a Mexican Private Equity Firm and Aerolíneas Ejecutivas the biggest private airline in Latin America. His interests and hobbies are spirituality, divine studies, philosophy, reading, traveling and of course, performing as a professional musician

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