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    >Dr. Sakir Yavuz

    About The Speaker

    Dr. Sakir Yavuz

    Şakir Yavuz is the President of Perfect Timing Holding. Şakir Yavuz was elected by the shareholders of perfect timing holding as the 3rd President of Perfect Timing Holding in 2006. Perfect Timing Holding has a team of experts from the areas of the economy, law, banking, media, and different technology, the founder shareholders of perfect timing holding Inc. have been active since 1954. The company started in the area of international investment. The American, Asian and European partners first invested in their domestic markets in real estate, commodity traders, and various industry participation areas. Since the 1980s, they have also developed a highly successful investment strategy in the areas of media, industry and banking participation, as in the hotel business. Also, the basis for a major art collection was laid at this time. The success of the company also developed the field of consulting, as other companies increasingly on the experience of the team also put investors on an advisory level. Under the leadership of Şakir Yavuz, the company has further expanded into sectors like energy, consulting, media and many others. This FiNext Awards & Conference is to be held on the 26th and 27th of February at the Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. This is the much-awaited conference of the year as it brings together and celebrates the excellence of companies and people in the FinTech sector. Fin-Tech industry needed space for the smartest, innovative, inventive and ambitious people to connect and create, consequently FiNext Awards and Conference were started as a dedicated platform to serve the needs of the Fin-Tech industry in terms of interaction, innovation, networking and showcasing of the talent. Two days of celebration of people who have put their lives in innovating, transforming the way how people transact through technology. FiNext Awards acknowledge people who are bringing the future of finance through their persistent efforts. The conference strives to build a platform for startups, SMEs, key decision-makers, researchers, investors and people from the media to interact and garner meaningful alliances.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022