Derron Leonardo Tio

Derron Leonardo Tio
Derron Leonardo Tio

Derron is the Founding Managing Partner & Co-CIO of Halfort Merritt LLP, an equity research company with an incubator fund employing value, growth and active trading strategies in the pursuit of generating risk-adjusted alpha.

Derron also works as an active broker dealing in the private markets, often playing a pivotal role in the financing process for early-stage growth companies centered around the Southeast Asian region. He is also experienced in the real estate space where he acted as an executive finance advisor to the development arm of a property investment company operating in the Asia-Pacific.

In the VC space, Derron garnered valuable experience in his time as a spring analyst at 6 Dimensions Capital, a Biotechnology themed venture fund with offices in China and the USA. He was exposed to the major macro-economic shifts in both Chinese and American healthcare, gathering the fundamental knowledge required to evaluate investment prospects for early-stage cutting edge drug discovery companies.

The resilient and disciplined quality that defines Derron came largely from his experience in the Singapore Navy. Right after high school, he enlisted in a special-force unit of the Republic of Singapore Navy.

Through the progress of his company Halfort Merritt LLP, along with his talented team of analysts, Derron hopes to be instrumental in the development of the Finance Technology Sector by focusing on facilitating efficient allocation of financial resources, generating economies of scale through working on M&As and gathering pools of talented individuals in contributing to this movement.

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