Don Cardinal

Don Cardinal
Don Cardinal

Don Cardinal is an experienced business and technology executive specializing in digital channels. With a strong background in finance and technology, Don holds certifications including CPA, CISA, CISM, and an MBA.

He is known for his expertise in various areas such as Open Banking, Technology Evangelism, Public Speaking, Cybersecurity, Risk Assessment, and Business Process Improvement. Don has played a key role in leading significant initiatives and projects throughout his career.

As the first Managing Director of FDX, Don successfully expanded the organization from 22 members to over 175 organizations across 4 continents, while also significantly increasing the budget. His leadership in the FS-ISAC Aggregation Working Group and the BofA enterprise DMARC anti-phishing implementation showcased his ability to drive impactful changes in the field of cybersecurity.

Don’s strategic planning and project management skills have led to remarkable achievements, including reducing online banking fraud losses, overseeing large-scale credential migrations, and enhancing site availability for Bank of America’s Military Bank Online. His innovative approach to technology development and business operations has consistently delivered results, such as introducing key online banking features that were later adopted across the Bank of America franchise.

With a track record of driving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing security measures, Don Cardinal continues to be a respected figure in the financial and technology sectors. His contributions to the industry reflect his dedication to excellence and a commitment to driving positive change in the digital landscape.

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Don Cardinal is managing director of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), a non-profit working to unify the financial services industry around a common, interoperable standard for the secure exchange of financial data. Cardinal leads FDX by engaging with the financial services and Fintech communities to develop and implement an industry standard for secure data sharing, empowering consumer control and furthering security. Cardinal has more than 20 years of industry experience in digital banking and financial cybersecurity, most recently as Senior Vice President at Bank of America, where he leads the Ecosystem Trust and Safety team for the Cybersecurity Defense division of the bank’s Global Information Security department.

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