Deborah Webster


Deborah has also been an Advisor to several initiatives driving gender parity, innovation and entrepreneurship. She has spoken at several conferences around the world and chairs discussions on a variety of topics including, leadership, innovation, and ethical practices around data and technology.

Clients have included Carlyle Group, Gulf Investment Corporation, Millicom, Tigo, Women for Women International, as well as some family groups, accelerators, high-growth companies and startups.



AMANicircle is a curated coalition of investors and partners vested in solving meaningful problems and improving the rate of success in venture funding. Using our proprietary protocol AMANI™, three critical aspects make us different:

  • Unique due diligence on the founder, the team and the fit with the investor(s)/partner(s)
  • Focused on sustainability including sound financials, proper leadership, fair practices, and positive impact across the full value chain, people and society.
  • Committed to beneficial and ethical uses of technology, safeguarding the rights of consumers and citizens – present and future.

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