Adnan Ali

Adnan Ali
Adnan Ali

Syed Adnan Ali is the epitome of a visionary leader driving innovation and growth in the financial industry of Pakistan. As the CEO & Director of PayFast, a prestigious SBP-regulated PSO/PSP, Mr. Adnan has unfurled a remarkable journey of success from the ground up.

With a robust experience spanning nearly two decades, Mr. Adnan’s leadership shines through as he spearheads PayFast towards global scalability. His multifaceted role as a business leader, strategist, technologist, and influencer reflects his commitment to catalyzing tech entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Adnan exemplifies a commitment to community empowerment through pro-bono work and mentorship initiatives. His active involvement as a mentor at NIC and advisory roles in esteemed organizations like the Pakistan Fintech Association and PAFLA underscores his dedication to nurturing budding talents and fostering economic growth in Pakistan.

A trailblazer in balancing risk, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance, Mr. Adnan’s strategic acumen and financial prowess have been instrumental in driving sustainable success for organizations under his purview. His expertise extends to navigating complex financial landscapes, including knowledge of Financial Crimes, AML/CTF regulations, and sanctions, empowering organizations to thrive within a compliance framework.

Mr. Adnan’s leadership extends beyond the confines of the boardroom as he champions the implementation of global compliance standards and strategic policies, ensuring regulatory adherence while fostering growth opportunities. His prowess in ramping up digital businesses from inception to fruition underscores his holistic understanding of critical business drivers and effective relationship management.

As a distinguished speaker at industry events and a thought leader in the realm of technology and finance, Mr. Adnan’s contributions have not only reshaped the financial industry landscape in Pakistan but have also set a benchmark for visionary leadership and sustainable growth.

In essence, Syed Adnan Ali stands as a beacon of excellence, blending innovation, leadership, and a passion for community empowerment to sculpt a transformative future for the financial industry in Pakistan and beyond.

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At APPS, He was the visionary and architect for the creation of a robust payment acceptance solution which is PCI certified, synergized with Union Pay International to procreate Mobile Payment’s revolution witnessed in China and steering company towards acquiring Central Bank License to become Payment System Operator/Provider.

About Avanza Premier Payment Services (APPS)

Avanza Premier Payment Services (APPS) is a Pakistani fintech envisioned with the object of disrupting the digital payment landscape of Pakistan through its flagship payment gateway; “Payfast”. As a stated of the art fintech, it offers robust APIs for quick integrations, digital merchant onboarding, & acceptance of multiple instruments ie Account Numbers & Mobile Wallets, Visa, Master and UPI Cards on merchant’s checkouts along with next-generation Recurring & Invoicing platform, real-time business reporting and 24/7 support.

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