“Malak Albaw Explores Accelerating Digitalization in Islamic Banking: Insights from the Panel Discussion”

Malak Albaw

Malak Albaw, Executive Business Development Manager at BLANK, to Showcase
Innovations at FiNext Conference
Malak Albaw, the astute Executive Business Development Manager at BLANK, and
The COO at the AB launch is set to share her insights and experiences at the upcoming FiNext
The conference, underscored the platform’s pivotal role in revolutionizing the transition of
web2 to web3 startups.
In her capacity as the Executive Business Development Manager at BLANK, Malak
Albaw has been instrumental in fostering connections between BLANK and forward–
thinking web2 startups with aspirations to transition to web3 seamlessly. Additionally,
she plays a key role in supporting web3 startups looking to expand their teams and
embark on new projects.
One of the notable achievements under Malak’s guidance is the contribution of BLANK’s
development team to the NFT collection for Infobip, a Croatian unicorn SaaS platform
deeply rooted in Web 2. The team’s expertise played a crucial role in the success of the
NFT collection, where on the launch day alone, 300 NFT hoodies were sold out,
marking a remarkable achievement in the evolving landscape of digital collectibles and
connecting the physical world with the digital
Malak Albaw expressed her anticipation for participating in the FiNext Conference,
stating, “The FiNext Conference provides an excellent platform to share our
experiences and insights into the transformative journey from web2 to web3. BLANK is
committed to driving innovation and supporting startups in navigating the complexities of
the evolving digital landscape.”
BLANK’s presence at the FiNext Conference is expected to shed light on the platform’s
unique capabilities in facilitating seamless transitions for startups, fostering growth, and
contributing to the success of building great Web3 software products.
About Blank: Pioneering Innovation in Digital Product Development
Blank, a forward-thinking software company, is dedicated to crafting cutting-edge digital
products that transcend geographical boundaries. With a global clientele, we specialize
in developing business web and mobile apps, leveraging our passion for the evolving
landscapes of web3 and the Metaverse.
Our Expertise:
At Blank, our multidisciplinary team comprises Frontend and Backend Engineers, Smart
Contract Engineers, and UI/UX Designers. With a collective professional experience
exceeding 10 years, we bring a wealth of expertise to every phase of the product
development lifecycle.
Passion for Web3 and NFTs:

Driven by an unwavering passion for web3 and the NFT space, we thrive on creating
innovative solutions that push the boundaries of digital possibilities. Whether it’s
exploring the potential of blockchain or delving into the immersive world of the
Metaverse, Blank is at the forefront of technological exploration.
Understanding Tech and Business:
What sets Blank apart is our team’s unique blend of tech expertise and entrepreneurial
insight. Having individuals with hands-on experience in both realms allows us to
navigate the intricate intersection of technology and business seamlessly. We
comprehend the challenges of building a digital product, ensuring that our solutions not
only meet technological standards but also address real-world business needs.

Why Choose Blank

● Comprehensive Team: Our team is equipped with diverse skill sets, ensuring
we cover all digital product development aspects.
● Global Perspective: With a client base spanning the globe, we bring a global
perspective to our projects, considering varied cultural and market nuances.
● Innovation in Web3: Embracing the future, we actively engage with the latest
technologies, focusing on web3 and NFT spaces.
Get Started with Us:
Ready to embark on a new project utilizing the latest technologies? Drop us an email at
[email protected], and let’s collaborate on turning your digital ideas into reality.
At Blank, innovation knows no boundaries. Join us on the journey to redefine digital

About FiNext Conference

FiNext Conference is a global platform that brings together professionals, thought leaders, and
innovators from the finance and technology sectors. The conference aims to foster collaboration,
facilitate knowledge exchange, and explore the transformative potential of emerging trends in finance


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