Zhamal Nanaeva

Zhamal Nanaeva
Zhamal Nanaeva

Zhamal Nanaeva, a versatile professional with a strong background in Banking, Finance, and Islamic Finance, seamlessly integrates academic knowledge with real-world experience. Holding a BA in Economics, an MSc in Finance and Banking, and currently pursuing a PhD in Islamic Finance at HBKU, Zhamal’s expertise bridges the gap between theory and practice.

As a Senior Consultant at Urban Associates,

strategic insights have been instrumental in driving consultancy success, establishing her as a thought leader in the industry. Her adept project management skills have enabled her to guide clients through complex funding dynamics with finesse.

Recently joining SME Innovator as an editor, Zhamal showcases her commitment to education and fostering innovation in entrepreneurship by contributing to an Estonian business blog. Her dedication to academia and practical applications is evident through her diverse roles and contributions.

Zhamal’s profile reflects her dedication, expertise, and passion for finance, academia, and innovation. With a keen interest in Open Banking, FinTech, and the Metaverse, she is constantly exploring new avenues for growth and development in these areas.

With over 1,367 followers and 500+ connections on her professional network, Zhamal is a well-connected figure in the industry. Her profile invites professionals to connect with her to explore shared insights and opportunities in academic roles at universities.

Overall, Zhamal Nanaeva’s bio exemplifies a driven and accomplished individual with a strong academic foundation, industry experience, and a passion for driving innovation in the fields of finance, banking, and Islamic finance.

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