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    >Yannick Del Ponte


    Yannick Del Ponte

    In 1996, obtained an undergraduate degree in Corporate Finance at the Intercontinental University, then graduated in 2000 from ITESM-CCM with a degree in Financial Management and Business Administration, in Mexico’s City Campus. Yannick has been certified in microfinance with a degree from Harvard Kennedy School, in 2011, Boston Massachusetts in the United States. Started his professional career in 2000 as Sr Financial Analyst at NII Holdings Inc Telecom and Logistics in 2002 at Sun Chemical, world’s largest printing ink manufacturer. In 2003 he joined Citigroup, after the Banamex (Banco Nacional de Mexico SA) acquisition and held positions such as Expansion Deputy Director until 2005, then promoted to Operations Deputy Director for the Pacific Region with over 186 branches from the Consumer Finance Business.In 2008 he joined Temasek Holdings an Asia investment company headquartered in Singapore, supported by 12 offices in Asia and Latin America, Temasek owns a diversified S$193 billion portfolio, concentrated principally in Singapore, Asia, and emerging markets. Through the Financial Business Subsidiary in Mexico, Fullerton Financial Holdings, he obtained international experience in Asian markets and was transferred to India and China.From 2011 he has held several positions as Deputy General Director, Operations Head, and CEO in different Financial Institutions in Mexico targeted to microloans, consumer and payroll-related loans. In April 2017 he left the CEO position he held at Proximus Finance to join ID Finance Company as Mexico’s Country Manager.

    About ID Finance:

    ID Finance Mexico at Mintos
    ID Finance, the emerging markets fintech pioneer, has expanded its presence at Mintos platform with a launch of its’ Mexican business. The announcement comes a few days after the company disclosed a ‘pivotal moment’ for Latam fintech as ID Finance revenue in region climbs 403%, and represents another key milestone as it continues its aggressive global expansion.
    Brand and Product
    Finance Mexico operates under the Moneyman brand. It was launched in the second half of 2017. This is the flagship project of the company. IDF is usually starting the operations in each new country with Moneyman. Most often, as in the case of Mexico, Moneyman provides people with convenient service to get a short term loan to cover their daily or unexpected expenses. In 2018, had more than 1.1 million visits, which speaks for a high demand for alternative lending services in the region.
    The rapid turnover of funds, operational excellence, which includes a rigorous approach to cost control, allow the company to offer a high-interest rate on investment proposals: 10% in euro and 18% in Mexican pesos.
    Mexican fintech market at a glance
    Country overview: With a population of 127 million and 61 percent of adults lacking a bank account according to the World Bank, Mexico represents one of the largest opportunities for fintech in Latin America. Mexico’s low bank branch coverage – 14 branches per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 33 in the US – together with an underdeveloped transport infrastructure further exacerbates the need for fintech services.
    Mexico is expected to have 91.6m active internet users by 2021 and 75.4m smartphone users by 2022. Proposed government reforms centered on financial inclusion and upcoming regulatory changes are driving the development of the sector.


    • 2016 GDP of $1.046 trillion (World Bank)
    • 2016 Population: 127.5 million (World Bank)
    • 61%, 77.7 million unbanked (World Bank)
    • 44.6 million smartphone owners, a 35% penetration (Pew Research Centre)
    • 68.8 million internet users, a 54% penetration (Pew Research Centre)
    • 25% credit card penetration (World Bank Findex, AMI analysis)
    • Mexico accounts for about 2.6% of the 2 billion unbanked adults worldwide (World Bank)


    Fintech sector overview

    • Mexico attracted $72 million in VC investment in 2016 (Deloitte)
    • There are 238 fintechs in Mexico making it the largest fintech ecosystem in LatAm ahead of Brazil with 230 (IDB & Finnovista)
    • The Mexican fintech sector has grown 50% in less than a year with 80 new fintechs emerging (IDB & Finnovista)
    • Mexico City is the hub of fintech innovation in Mexico
    • The clip which provides credit card readers for mobiles is one of Mexico’s most successful fintechs
    • and one of the biggest digital payment providers in the country


    IT and Risk management

    The core of ID Finance’s business in Mexico is its proprietary risk management system, which uses machine learning and advanced data science techniques for credit scoring. The company has one of the best performing risk management systems in the industry and is able to reach profitability within a year of launching into a new market. ID Finance uses its own solutions as well as several data providers that feed our internal score. There are IP identification, government databases for identifying the customer, credit bureaus data and banking information.

    Besides, ID Finance transforms customer authentication with behavioral biometrics. The smart software studies the unique typing and behavioral patterns like mouse movements and finger’s interaction with a keyboard. These patterns cannot be faked making behavioral biometrics one of the strongest forms of authentication. The intelligent scoring engine analyses the vast amounts of unstructured data, detecting atypical behavior or anomalies, boosting risk assessment efficiency by 50 percent.
    We have also developed application software that offers the user a financial product depending on his consumption profile and current needs, based on hundreds of variables.

    One more of our development is an AI-powered client assistant – an automated system based on artificial intelligence. Unloads customer service, and reduces expenses, and makes clients happy.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022