Yai Sukonthabhund

Yai Sukonthabhund
Yai Sukonthabhund

Yai Sukonthabhund is a seasoned financial professional with a strong background in investment banking and financial markets. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Yai has built a reputation for excellence and leadership. Currently serving as a Partner at Finaport, a role held since June 2021, Yai oversees key strategic initiatives and plays a pivotal role in the company’s success.

Prior to joining Finaport, Yai served as Partner & CEO at Crossbridge Capital for over a decade, from November 2010 to March 2021. In this capacity, Yai demonstrated a keen understanding of market dynamics and a knack for driving business growth. Before Crossbridge Capital, Yai held the position of Executive Director, Head of FX, Asia at Bank Julius Baer, where Yai honed expertise in foreign exchange markets and led a successful team.

Yai’s career journey also includes significant roles at Citigroup and Deutsche Bank, where Yai held positions of VP and VP, Investment Counselor, respectively. These experiences equipped Yai with a solid foundation in investment advisory and relationship management, contributing to a well-rounded skill set in the financial services sector.

Yai’s educational background is equally impressive, having earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. This diverse academic background brings a unique perspective to Yai’s approach to financial matters, blending technical acumen with financial expertise.

Throughout Yai’s career, key skills such as investment banking and financial markets have been consistently endorsed by peers and colleagues. Yai’s dedication to continuous learning and personal development is evident in the endorsements received, underlining a commitment to excellence in the field.

Outside of work, Yai remains actively engaged in professional networks, boasting over 500 connections and a following of 1,569 individuals on social media. This extensive network speaks to Yai’s reputation as a respected figure in the financial industry and highlights a commitment to building meaningful relationships within the field.

In summary, Yai Sukonthabhund’s career trajectory is a testament to dedication, expertise, and leadership in the financial services industry. With a wealth of experience, a solid educational foundation, and a reputation for excellence, Yai continues to make a significant impact in the world of finance.

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