Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta, Chief Executive at HyLoBiz
Vishal Gupta, Chief Executive at HyLoBiz

Vishal Gupta is a dynamic individual with a passion for building new companies and assembling talented teams. He is the Founder and Chief Executive of HyLoBiz, where he focuses on digitizing businesses and SME value chains through innovative methods such as neobanking and embedded finance.

With a background in engineering and product management, Vishal excels in guiding companies from ideation to execution, developing product roadmaps aligned with market needs, and strategizing go-to-market approaches. His expertise spans various aspects of business operations, including customer relations, engineering management, marketing, and budget management.

Vishal’s hands-on approach to business leadership is evident in his commitment to understanding the details while empowering his team members. He believes in a bottom-up approach to business development and thrives on turning ideas into reality.

With a track record of successful product lifecycle management and strategic partnerships, Vishal is dedicated to fostering a strong network of industry professionals.

His specialties include cross-geographical engineering and product management, next-generation product development, and cultivating strategic vendor relationships. In summary, Vishal Gupta is a vibrant and goal-oriented professional with a proven ability to drive business growth and innovation.

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