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    >Timothy Tello


    Timothy Tello

    Timothy Tello is the COO of Pocketful of Quarters, the first and only blockchain company to receive a no-action letter from the SEC. Pocketful of Quarters created the first-ever currency with a patent on the ability to be used cross-game and cross-platform. Quarters are the only fully compliant and interoperable gaming token for the Metaverse. Timothy is a pioneer of the blockchain gaming movement, and he is one of the first to build a company in the space. for the last six years, he has worked to build the ever-evolving landscape that we now refer to as the Metaverse.

    Timothy holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Harvard Business School. Timothy has worked in the gaming industry for more than a decade, and his accomplishments include being nominated twice for Forbes’ 30 under 30, and his nomination by Find Your Grind for Best in Video Games. He has enjoyed working with some of the most talented individuals in the gaming industry. Timothy has worked on many great titles such as the NFL VR, Narcos, and MGM Boxing.


    About Pocketful of Quarters (POQ)

    Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) is taking back video games for players with its Quarters, a game and platform-agnostic digital currency that enables players to seamlessly move tokens and assets between games and utilize them across hundreds of gaming titles and genres. Quarters is the first-ever token to receive an SEC no-action letter for a blockchain token, making them both safe and compliant. Additionally, with POQ’s patented Zero-click transfer technology, players can earn and spend blockchain and crypto tokens just by taking actions within games.

    Backed by an all-star team of advisors like Michelle Phan (Co-Founder of Ipsy) and Chris Cross (Formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, THQ, EA, and DreamWorks Interactive), Pocketful of Quarters aims to empower players with choice and transform the way they play with a universal currency across all games.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022