Shiraz Madan

Shiraz Madan
Shiraz Madan

Top CEOs in Finance Award Winner – Shiraz Madan, CEO, Sustainable Capital Finance.

Shiraz Madan is a seasoned CEO with a strong background in renewables and finance. With expertise in leadership, finance, business planning, operations management, sales, SEO, and capital markets, Shiraz has demonstrated his skills in various areas of business development. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Management from Millikin University.

Currently serving as the CEO of Sustainable Capital Finance, based in San Jose, California, Shiraz leads the company in developing and financing projects in the commercial, industrial, municipal, and non-profit sectors. Under his guidance, SCF collaborates with EPCs and energy consumers to provide financing for solar projects, contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.

Prior to his role at SCF, Shiraz served as the Chief Executive Officer at SEO Design Solutions in Chicago, Illinois, where he focused on daily operations management, policy implementation, and fostering a positive corporate culture. His experience also includes a tenure as Vice President at a financial institution, where he honed his skills in banking and financial services.

With a track record of driving change, motivating employees, and advising board members, Shiraz Madan has established himself as a key player in the renewable energy and finance sectors. His commitment to sustainable business practices and strategic leadership sets him apart as a forward-thinking professional dedicated to making a positive impact in the industry and the community.

About Sustainable Capital Finance:

Sustainable Capital Finance (SCF) is a third party financier & owner/operator of commercial & industrial (C&I) solar assets and is comprised of experts that specialize in structured finance and solar development. SCF has a vast network of EPCs and Developers across the US that submit project development opportunities through SCF’s cloud-based platform, the “SCF Suite”. This allows SCF to acquire and develop early to mid-stage C&I solar projects while aggregating them into large portfolios.   SCF has standardized the diligence and transaction process, thus creating cost-efficiencies and risk mitigation, in order to solidify the C&I marketplace as an investment-worthy asset class.

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