Sameer Gulati

About Ordway

Ordway is redefining how growing businesses approach billing and finance operations via its billing and revenue automation platform. Built by a team that helped design much of world’s cloud-based financial billing and ERP systems, Ordway modernizes the end-to-end billing process and eliminates the need for error-prone spreadsheets, manual accuracy checks during the monthly close process to ensure compliance to GAAP & IFRS, and time-consuming invoicing. Designed with the flexibility that today’s customers demand, and optimized to guide organizations during their growth phase, Ordway smartly manages a business’ most complex customers. Explore the platform at

Session Description: Legacy business processes and operations focus on implementing rigid controls on a business’ ability to price and deliver products and services. Financial and accounting flexibility that matches the diversity of today’s customer is reshaping FinTech and SaaS more generally. The ever-accelerating adoption of automation technology offers big opportunities to unleash company growth through creativity and flexibility. When you can offer pricing, terms, and new business models that match your customers’ desires, you solidify customer relationships for the long term.

Session Time: 4.30 PM, Friday, 26th October, 2018

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