With capitalization of hashrate, RRMine brings:
Public and transparent hashrate asset
Innovative cloud hashrate technology and in the user-oriented concept, RRMine simplify the whole process to make global hashrate asset transparent and available to everyone.
Professional operation
RRMine provides professional hashrate operation. 24/7 monitor platform computing capability. Fully protect user’s benefits and right. Standardized hashrate construction management from mining machine purchasing to output, strictly control each business process, multi-dimensional audit and credit evaluation.
Here are some aspects of RRMine to highlight
With 100% true mining farms hashrate output across east and west hemisphere, RRMine ensures large-scale transparent and uninterrupted hashrate flowing on the platform, thus, maximizing the benefits of our users. And the hashrate has been developing rapidly. Moreover, with higher “Hashpower Age” mechanism to value participants’ time and hashrate holding. A large number of high-quality users gathering in RRMine, created a profitable win-win ecosystem community on the basis of mutual trust.Until now, nearly 100,000 active users of RRMine are providing high liquidity in secondary market trading, everyone can quickly trade their hashrate.

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