Richard Robinson


Rich is a published author, speaker, and co-chair of industry working groups related to international standards in data and messaging, including ISITC, FISD, EDM Council, ISO, ISDA, and SIFMA. He has led industry efforts in communication, data, unique instrument identification and related processes since 1999, co-founding the first group on Unique Instrument Identification in 2000. He was a primary participant in the Best Practice work for ISO15022 and helped convert multiple firms from ISO7775 to ISO15022. Part of ISDA’s Symbology Group, he is a leader in derivatives identification, standards, and processes. H he has acted as Convenor for the ISO Study Group on CFI’s and UPI, and for the ISO Working Group on the Unique Transaction Identifier. Rich is on the Board of Directors of ISITC and serves as 2nd Vice-Chair.

He has been published in the Journal of Securities Operations and Custody, Waters, and Inside Reference Data, among other global financial services publications. His most recent paper, “A linguistics approach to solving financial services standardization,” introduces the innovative idea to use applied linguistics to guide standards development and regulatory decisions, and was published in the Journal of Financial Markets Infrastructure.

Richard is currently Head of Data Strategy and Standards for the Open Symbology group at Bloomberg LLP. He works globally with regulators, legislators, and industry leaders on addressing data and standards issues to create more efficient and transparent markets. He holds an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Information Technology from NYU’s Stern School and a B.S. in Industrial Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

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