Insurance-Excellence in Finance Companies

Policybazaar.ae Launched with the aim to make insurance accessible and comprehensible for all, Policybazaar.com is a force to reckon with in the Indian insurance market. With more than 2 million customers and partnerships with leading insurance providers in India, our portal is committed to providing you, our customers, with the best insurance buying experience.

Policybazaar offers an unbiased comparison of insurance products, allowing searches to be customised as per your needs to ensure that you get a policy that fits just right. After dominating the Indian turf, we have set our sights on the United Arab Emirates’ insurance sector.

Policybazaar.ae exclusively provides car insurance in the UAE. With a recent reform capping the minimum premium on car insurance in the emirates, it seemed an opportune moment for the entry of an impartial aggregator. With features and strengths evaluated for people looking to buy policies on a budget, Policybazaar.ae looks forward to catering to the needs of every car-owner.

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