Paul Horn


About H2Cyber

H2Cyber is a Cybersecurity Executive Management Firm that specializes in Cybersecurity and Risk Management. We help organizations understand and implement the right Cybersecurity strategy for their business by helping them navigate through the fog. Regardless of your company size or industry, we can help.

Our core services include Cybersecurity Program Reviews designed for organizations that want to understand where they fit compared to other organizations as well as to show a higher level of due diligence within Cybersecurity and our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services suited for those organizations looking to meet the needs of the business without the costs of hiring a full-time CISO. Other services include functioning as an independent resource for board members, providing on-site security awareness and incident response training and general Cybersecurity consulting.

We also offer merger and acquisition support which is a great way to lower the price of an acquisition or strengthen your purchase.

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