Pablo F. Alonso Caprile

Pablo F. Alonso Caprile
Pablo F. Alonso Caprile

Pablo F. Alonso Caprile is a seasoned business operator with a strong background in investing, mentoring, and advising startups in the tech, financial, and retail sectors. As the Co-Founder & Group CFO at iCare Group and Partner at DQD, he has made significant contributions in supporting low-income women factory workers in South East Asia by providing them access to an employee benefits program through iCare Benefits.

With a focus on fintech, financial services, buy-now-pay-later models, startups, investments, disruptive technologies, and financial markets, Pablo brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His work at iCare Group showcases his commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to empower individuals and create positive impact.

Educated at INSEAD and based in Singapore, Pablo has amassed a strong network with over 500 connections and 2,645 followers. His dedication to driving growth and sustainability in the business landscape is evident through his multifaceted skill set and experience.

Overall, Pablo F. Alonso Caprile stands out as a forward-thinking leader who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others through his work in the financial and technology sectors.

Pablo is also a Founding Member and current Group CFO of iCare Benefits, a membership-based buy-now-pay-later program that helps low-income women factory workers pay for essential products and services like rice cookers, white goods, fans, mobile phones, bicycles
and the like. iCare is the largest BNPL provider in Cambodia and Laos and is currently servicing over 300,000 customers. iCare is backed by some of the largest European DFIs such as Norfund, Finnfund, Obviam, KFW, BIO, DGGF and also the IFC.

Pablo holds a Bsc (Honors) in Economics and Statistics from University College London and a Msc in Management and Risk from the London School of Economics. He is also an Alumni of Singularity University.

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