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About Kundu

For over a decade and half preceding InSpirAVE, Mr. Kundu has harnessed the power of data big and small and emerging tech. to drive sustainable growth — within key in-house roles and as a trusted advisor for several leading institutions including Citi, STI, PNC, Deloitte — in ways that have solved seemingly intractable business problems and exceeded industry benchmarks. Be in the novel solutions he has built-from-scratch or in the oversight of mature P&Ls and portfolios with over $40 billion in balances across product-lines [assets/liabilities/payments], segments, and channels [Digital/Mobile, Retail, Social], Om’s contributions have been recognized for their unrelenting focus in championing wins that are as compelling for customers as they are for ecosystem partners and investors.

Mr. Kundu is a Stanford University alum having graduated with degrees in Mathematical and Computational Sciences and Interdisciplinary ‘Science, Technology, Society’ Honors. He has chaired numerous industry conferences, been interviewed across the industry, and served on the advisory boards of multiple organizations and publications across industry sectors.

InSpirAVE was most recently cited in Top-100 for 2018 Startup of The Year by the CTA and Tech.Co. and elicited consistent critical acclaim from leading forums incl. Finovate, EFMA, Its #SaveForWhatMatters mission — in engendering a sustainable foundation for retail consumption—has been oft-cited across the industry, including recognition as a presenting company at ‘South by Southwest’.


‘Saving for What Matters’ vs  ‘Debt, fees, and impulse’  — Matchup Time for ‘Power to the People’?

With consumer debt having soared to an all-time historic high of over $1 Trillion in US credit cards alone, is it time for a reckoning with Warren Buffet’s wisdom to “not save what is left after spending; and instead spend what is left after saving”?

Join us for a first-hand view and dialogue with those in the trenches harnessing technology to re-imagine retail commerce and banking in ways which are empowering us to think before we buy and save more, faster — for what matters.

Time: 04:00 PM

Date: Friday, October 26

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