MS Group and Kitaab

Innovator-Excellence in Finance Companies

MS is a firm made up of a team of innovative, dynamic, diverse and professional members who provide a range of own and associated essential business services for entrepreneurial-minded local and international clients. We see ourselves as Lifestyle Professional – approachable, enthusiastic and passionate about each client’s growth and success! MS offers a comprehensive range of affordable services, providing trusted and cost effective solutions for Business Owners in the UAE and ADGM, which offers a secure and efficient platform for companies and financial institution to establish operations & fulfill their expansion ambitions. MS can provide Financial and Business Management solutions to SMEs on a flexible and scalable basis, whether that be on a regular part-time basis or for a specific period or project. We believe that our commercial, operational and financial acumen and flexible approach enables us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs, helping you to run your business more efficiently and profitably, whilst minimizing your exposure to risk. We also provide a sounding board for ideas, problem solving and even mentoring of your staff. Our mission is to provide high quality, independent, practical and comprehensive business solutions that draw upon our expertise; and to encourage, promote and support sound business practices through the implementation of accounting reporting, enterprise governance and business strategies. Backed by up-to-date technical expertise, knowledge and experience of what makes SMEs tick, we seek to empower our clients by providing the relevant, cutting-edge information needed to make decisions that are critical to their business success. Expert team at MS is also set to provide the required assistance and clear your queries on corporate tax.

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