Malak Albaw

Malak Albaw
Malak Albaw, Blank

Malak is a web3 influencer and accomplished business development manager who collaborates closely with Blank, a leading software development agency in Croatia. With her background in Economics, she excels at crowdfunding, product launches, and web3 marketing.

Malak has led over 15 projects, raising more than $5 million in crowdfunding last year alone, and played a pivotal role in the success of TechStars-backed Hypeal and the rapid exit of LITO Travel within 16 months. She hosts “Web3 Vibes” podcast, highlighting the transformative impact of web3 builders.

About Blank: Blank is a Web3 Software Development company based in Croatia, empowering companies to achieve their tech goals and embrace the dynamic Web3 landscape. With a diverse portfolio spanning Web2 and Web3 projects, Blank rapidly scaled Databook — a Microsoft-backed startup that secured $50M in Series B funding — by strengthening its development team.

From creating NFT collections to building full-blown NFT marketplaces and Crypto exchanges, Blank excels in Web & Mobile development while creating a great User experience in a Web3 space. The agency partners with companies and brand aiming to drive technological change and scale their business.

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