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    >Kelvin Teo


    Kelvin Teo

    Kelvin Teo is the co-founder of Funding Societies | Modalku, the largest SME digital financing platform in Southeast Asia. Chosen as the Top 200 FinTech influencers in Asia by Lattice 80, Kelvin has spoken at major conferences such as ASEAN Capital Markets Conference, LendIt Shanghai, and Money2020 Singapore. Prior to this, Kelvin served as a consulting professional at KKR, McKinsey, and Accenture. Kelvin graduated from Harvard Business School and the National University of Singapore and is a certified Chartered Accountant.

    About Funding Societies:

    Funding Societies | Modalku is the largest SME digital financing platform in Southeast Asia, licensed and operating in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It gives loans to small-medium businesses for growth, crowdfunded by individual and/ or institutional investors. Its mission is to create jobs and wealth for Southeast Asia. Backed by Softbank Ventures and Sequoia Capital, It has been selected for FinTech Award by the MAS, Global SME Excellence Award at United Nation’s ITU Telecom World, and Top 100 FinTech firms globally by KPMG.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022