Jeff Brandeis



About Brandeis Advisors

Brandeis Advisors was founded in 2018 and we chose to work with sales professionals or companies to help them apply the power of process they may already be using in other areas of their businesses but not in their sales function. Businesses use the process to achieve many things, but too often small businesses lack a great sales process.  Business owners and CEOs have too many other responsibilities. They should not have to take on the additional role of sales manager. That’s the premise of why Brandeis Advisors was created. Jeff’s 25 years of experience in Sales Management, Coaching and Training at both the managerial and production levels, combined with his Accounting background, provides companies with the opportunity to utilize a resource which offers a unique view and potential alternatives which are more cost-effective and increases revenue. Jeff’s talent for building integrated sales teams and increase individual performance, while keeping the customer/prospect first in the line of sight, is essential.  He can revamp and/or develop new sales processes that reward the company and help sales representatives surpass quotas.  It’s a WIN-WIN and results in a magical thing called predictable revenue.
So, if you want to get rid of the stress of managing your sales department or want to improve your own performance, and you think revenue coming in like clockwork is something you would benefit from, you need a sales process, you need Jeff. To explore how he can help your company increase revenue and profitability.

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