Haysam Fahmy

Haysam Fahmy
Haysam Fahmy

Haysam Fahmy is a seasoned marketing executive with over 22 years of experience leading acquisition marketing, consumer engagement, and loyalty strategies across various regions such as the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. Currently serving as the Vice President and Head of Marketing Services for Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe at Mastercard, Haysam oversees marketing operations across 42 markets, delivering result-based strategies to numerous clients.

Throughout his career, Haysam has demonstrated his expertise by launching the first digital bank in the Middle East, spearheading the establishment of digital platforms for three banks from the ground up, and providing guidance to multiple companies on achieving growth in customer acquisition, mobile usage, online reach, digital adoption, and mobile money.

Haysam is known for his proficiency in developing and executing multinational marketing strategies for renowned Fortune 500 brands such as IBM, Disney, Coca-Cola, American Express, Vodafone, Prudential, Ogilvy, Shangri La, and the United Nations. His broad experience underscores his ability to navigate diverse markets and industries while consistently driving successful outcomes for his clients.

With a solid educational background, Haysam holds a Master’s degree in Digital Strategy & Marketing Communication from Georgetown University and an Executive Management Degree from HEC Paris. These qualifications have equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to pioneer innovative marketing approaches and stay ahead of industry trends.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Haysam is a prominent figure in networking circles, with over 22,772 followers and 500+ connections on his professional profile. His active involvement in various mutual groups focused on marketing strategy, brands, media, digital, technology, SEO, and more highlights his commitment to staying engaged with industry peers and fostering collaborative relationships.

Overall, Haysam Fahmy’s extensive experience, strategic acumen, and dedication to driving marketing excellence make him a standout leader in the field, consistently delivering impactful results and shaping the future of marketing in diverse markets globally.

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