Gwendolyn Wong


Gwen is a natural leader who is well-versed with Board governance, forming vision and innovation, with the ability to guide successful implementation of strategic priorities. Her passionate leadership approach has created solid foundations and infrastructures that allow for scalable revenue production and growth. This results in profitability and shareholder value. She consistently enables a solid culture of mentoring and support that allows high performing teams to flourish and succeed. She seeks diversity and inclusion of all voices which sets in motion limitless approaches to future success.

Gwen’s core technical competencies are in assessing credit quality and risk management strategies. Her broad credit and lending expertise span: commercial & industrial lending for middle-market companies, small businesses, and corporate syndications; private banking clientele, commercial real estate and construction lending, SBA/CA Guaranty lending, member business lending, and consumer lending. She consistently demonstrates timely problem loan identification and resolution capabilities which enable quality loan production growth.

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