Gururaj Balakrishna

‒ Member of the Management team; overseeing the organization’s Credit Policy, Operations, Underwriting, Risk Analytics, Collections, Fraud Control, Authorizations, and Compliance functions; directly managing over 400 people.
‒ As a founding member of the start-up, set up the Risk Management and Credit Operations team and infrastructure and hired best-in-class specialists to execute plans. As a subject matter expert mentored and coached staff to lead various business units. Part of the core team that built a robust, customer-centric Analytics-driven business model focused on need-based customer segmentation.
‒ Developed strategic lending initiatives through research, business engagement, policy setting and ‘big data’; these initiatives had resulted in the company breaking even 2 years ahead of plan and become a profitable entity. Directly monitored the asset portfolio operations to ensure that the organization operated in accordance with applicable UAE Central Bank laws and regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors
‒ Managed Risk Analytics and built accurate and agile predictability models that help the business foresee and provide for delinquency risks.
‒ Formulated and administered the company’s consumer lending policies, pricing guidelines, trained Credit Operations to build a predictable and sustainable portfolio
‒ Responsible for loan loss reserve requirements and methodology to ensure the company had adequate reserves for inherent risks in the portfolio.
‒ Managed Operations and maintained underwriting quality by documenting and monitoring assurance reviews that periodically assessed underwriting performance
‒ Directly responsible for Collections and Risk Strategy and built a best-in-class Collections team.
‒ As acting CRO, managed the Compliance & Information security functions including monitoring regulatory, AML and compliance & information security risks for the organization through internal control frameworks.
‒ Founder and Certified trainer for Consumer Credit & Risk Operations
‒ Part of Dunia’s engagement as a consultant to assist a large Ukrainian Bank in re-launching its consumer business, manage the Risk, Operations and business plan and revamped the credit infrastructure for the bank.

Dubai Bank, Vice President; Head of Collections and Operations (Sep 2005 – Dec 2006)
‒ Part of the core team that set up a new consumer finance company in the UAE, Dubai First. This included the creation of the brand, obtaining premises and systems, setting up operations and hiring staff. Was a member of the team involved in converting Dubai Bank into an Islamic Banking Institution

Citibank UAE, Vice President – Credit Operations and National Head of Collections (Sep 2002 – Sep 2005)
‒ Instrumental in creating a strong process and portfolio management culture which resulted in record low delinquencies on the portfolio front
‒ Achieved an unprecedented record ‘zero’ audit comments from the Audit & Risk Review Team in 2005.

Citibank India, Regional Credit Manager – East Region (Jun 1994 – Aug 2002)
‒ Did a variety of roles with Citibank, India in Credit and Operations. Also served as the national remedial champion for the mortgage portfolio.
‒ Moved to Calcutta to turn around the portfolio performance in the Eastern region, which was on a negative trend, and successfully turned performance around.

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