Frank Russo

Innovator in Finance Award Winner -Frank Russo, Founder at Procor Solutions + Consulting, LLC.



About Procor Solutions + Consulting, LLC.

Procor Solutions + Consulting, LLC. is comprised of leading risk management, disaster management and insurance professionals who focus on improving business resilience by providing expertise in disaster planning, disaster response, property/business interruption loss mitigation and claims, risk management and claim analytics and risk technology.

Often there is a “one-size-fits all” approach to managing property risk and planning for disasters. Our approach is different and simple – we believe in asking the right questions, listening attentively and providing the customized solutions each client needs. By fostering collaborative partnerships, we help our clients plan for any disaster and execute a response plan effectively and quickly through our leading resources and capabilities, innovative perspectives and cutting-edge technology.

This proactive and pre-disaster focus positions our clients to be fully prepared to mitigate negative effects on brand, income, and assets and return to normal operations as soon as possible. When those disasters do happen, we help our clients recover and collect on their claims. Our expert team has worked with organizations around the globe, managing many of the world’s largest and most complex disasters and property/business interruption recoveries. The Procor professionals and our strategic partners have worked extensively in the insurance industry and most hold advanced degrees and professional certifications. We bring that expertise and that experience to support our client’s long-term objectives by helping them learn from the past, improve their risk footprint and plan intelligently to be ready for what’s next thus becoming more resilient organizations.



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