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    >Fahad Al Fawaz

    About The Speaker

    Fahad Al Fawaz

    Fahad Al Fawaz is the Executive Chairman at BayanPay.Bayan Pay is a payment gateway technology capable of meeting the rapidly growing e-Commerce (BayanPay) payments and introducing a consumer e-wallet (BayanPay Wallet). He is a prominent and highly respected businessman in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. A successful entrepreneur, dedicated forward-thinking investor and innovator with significant experience in technology and finance sectors, leading both entrepreneurial startups and established companies. Fahad Al Fawaz constantly aims at making Saudi Arabia’s economy flourish and to offer the world’s best to his fellow countrymen. His experience, dynamism, professionalism and financial capacity have made Fahad Al Fawaz one of the young leaders of a generation at the beginning of an extraordinary transformation of Saudi Arabia via the Quality of Life 2030 project.

    Through his holding, Fahad Al Fawaz aims at importing the world’s best innovations and facilitate the introduction of the most performing global companies in Saudi Arabia in his sectors of predilection: Financial Services and Technology.

    Fahad holds a Master’s Degree in International Strategy and Diplomacy from The London School Of Economics and Political Science.

    Join us at the next FiNext Conference in Dubai, Feb 2 - 3, 2022